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Butterfly Lesson’s

One day, Emerges small gap at a chrysalis. A man sits and pays attention to the butterfly candidate to struggle firm during a hours to push the body exit through the small hole.

Then, seems to the effort is useless, desists and there is no meaning development.

Impressing seen the effort has reached one points , where cannot having continuation.

Hence, The man sets mind on assists the butterfly.

He takes a scissors and opens the chrysalis. Then the butterfly exit considerably,its easy to

But what is going? The butterfly have imperfect body. The body is small and the wing doesn’t grow.

The man remain to pays attention and hopes, not old again, the wing will be open, big and rounds into strong to be able to support itself.

All expected by the man not happened !

In reality, the butterfly instead finishs all the life creeping with the weak body and wing folded.

The butterfly have never can fly

The Butterfly

The Butterfly

What which the man does, with all kindness and intention of the good, He have never understood, that struggle to release butterfly body from chrysalis by the way of releasing all dilution from the body is a process required, so that the wing can grow and ready for flying after exit from the chrysalis, matching with the one which have been determined by God.

Often, Struggle is thing that we require in this life

If The God enables we to pass this life without temptation, this thing will make we are light. We will not as strong as like we will expect, and will never fly like the butterfly.

We ask strength and the God gives us difficulty for we face and makes we to become strong.

We ask wisdom and the God gives us a problems which we must break.

We ask prosperity and the God gives brain and strength to work.

We ask bravery and the God gives us barricade for we face.

We ask love and the God gives people who to require our help in facing difficulty of the man

We ask help and the God gives us opportunity

We don’t receive does we wish, but we receive does we require. “

Experiences life without fear, faces all problems and confidence that we can overcome it all.

Disadur dari berbagai sumber, dengan sedikit perubahan dan dialihbhasakan…

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