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Semester 4, Good Bye!!!

Four semester I have gone through. Many factors which has made I still stay here, now. In this opportunity, I wish to say thank  to :

* · God that is extremely Enamoured and Humane

* · My Parents that beloved (Suhandi’s Familly) has given matter and motivation, so that I am remain to be best in eye all of you

* · My brohers Gun and Dani, My sisters Ros and Nina who is’nt desisted giving motivation,

* · Mr. Wawan Setiawan,Dr., M.kom as Design and Analysis Algorithm lecturer

* · Mr. Heri Sutarno, M.T as Linear Algebra and Matrix lecturer

* · Mr. Yudi Wibisono, M.T as Data base System lecturer

* · Mr. Asep Wahyudin, M.T as Object Oriented Methodologies lecturer

* · Mr. Rasim, M.T as Object Oriented Programming lecturer

* · Mr. Enjang Ali Nurdin, M.kom as Architecture and Organization Computer lecturer

* · Mrs. Sjahriani Datau, S.kom as Artificial Intelligence lecturer

* · Ratih (Nursing student candidate in Poltekkes Bandung) as my girlfriend who is far there , always breathes life into

* · Aditya as my friend in our flat ‘The Paviliun 29’ who available hear me on my problems

* · My friends SMS Corp ( Khalifa, Nikha, Luciana, Hanna, Ambun) what receive me as it is

* · People who make I to motivat hence ( from what I hear, I am read, I know and I to feel)

* · All person who cannot be mentioned one by one

How about my result in this semester? hopefully nothing that disappointed, although myself disappointed. Following my achievement index in even semester 2007-2008

Data base System                                     : has not there are
Linear Algebra and Matrix : A
Design and Analysis Algorithm : A
Object Oriented Programming : B
Architecture and Organization Computer : B
Object Oriented Methodologies : A
Artificial Intelligence : A

Definitive IP now, alights from at IP semester before all ( 3,81), my hope am data base system gets value A, so that my IP 3,71. Lowering of not too significant, I hopes in next semester, I can be better, can balance between my religion, studying, my hobby (sport art, cooking), and organization. Be perfectionist.

Never Mind IP downwards, many knowledge which I get ( although becomes 2 lecturer assistant at the same time, that is Algorithm and programming of 1 and Network Electronics) one side, feel proud but other side of, I am shame, free;useless of good IP but something cannot. I wish to learn is serious in the next semester, focus at concentration of majors ( information systems), finding more is data base, programming and networking. I wanna be Analys System, I should be able!

Semester 5, I wanna challange… study title which I am contract:

Computer Network → Mr. Rizky Rachman J, M.kom

Operating System → Mr. Muhamad Nursalman, M.T

Decision Support System → Mr. Wawan Setiawan, Dr., M.kom

Computer Graphics → Mr. Rizky Rachman J, M.kom

Intellegence System → Mr. Wawan Setiawan, Dr., M.kom

Human Computer Interaction → Mrs. Sjahriani Datau,S.kom

PLSBT → Mr. Cik Suabuana, M.Pd

God… help me, hopefully You gives best for me, that later becomes man who useful of which can the application of knowledge that have of me…Amien

Semester four, Good Bye!…Welcome semester five, I must rush about it, so that can finalize this study in 7 semester ( is it possible that?). Whoever, assist to me, is being looks for create heading TA (Tugas Akhir) and looks for information of company for KP ( Kerja Praktek).

I would a few commenting duties which I have ever done in this semester :

Data base System : project of one semester makes minimarket information systems using J2SE ( web browser and server) and postgreSQL for database, enough cleansing mind energy and time ( but I am not too contribution, forgives)

Linear Algebra and Matrix : UTS and UAS is executed THT with hard goodly problem, if obstructive lecturer presents there are duty which must be collected, meets with elimination of line shape Gaussian – Jordan. But till now, I have‘nt understood this study benefit to the fore of

Design and Analysis Algorithm : this study which ought to be confused, but is brought enjoy only. Meets same of algorithm brute force, solving of TSP, makes program matrix 100×100 with algorithm divide and conquer, aproximate big O,Ω,Θ. But enough understands with looking for reference by self

Object-oriented programming : this study which I am not too ism, difficult to differentiate procedural programming and object oriented. Big duty makes project of its (the name SMS gagambaran ( conspecific software of Paint)) applies Java swing

Architecture and Organization Computer : makes report every week (made a conclution in William Stalling’s book ), very tires

Object Oriented Methodologies : enough understands, makes UML with Rational Rose project,made an Analysis and Scheme of Saving and Loan System , made an Analisys and Scheme of Hospital Information System with sub Medical Record Information System

Artificial Intellegence : Makes solution of AI problem, makes handing out that is almost every week, presentation of handing out ( searching), I am quite a lot of contribution because me becoming chief in this handing out

Many liking is sorrowful which to get during this study, but altogether there will always in heart… Be memories…

  1. Yoko
    3 September 2008 pukul 3:44 pm

    Assalamualaikum Wr…..Wb……
    kang nilai nya belum ada!!!!
    masih BL………..
    gimana atuh kang..????????

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